Regionals: RARE 1976 Elect Antonio Tony Marino Mayor Lynn MA Political PROMO 5″ Hair Comb

RARE 1976 Elect Antonio Tony Marino Mayor Lynn MA Political PROMO 5″ Hair Comb

RARE 1976 Elect Antonio Tony Marino Mayor Lynn MA Political PROMO 5" Hair Comb
RARE 1976 Elect Antonio Tony Marino Mayor Lynn MA Political PROMO 5″ Hair Comb

In this article, I’m going to talk about what I call ‘Regionals’. These are items that have historical value that are tied to a particular region or area. Sometimes it can be as small as a city or as big as a country, but there has to be a defining element to the region it is from on the item. This item just happens to be from the political realm, the Democratic Party, a RARE 1976 Elect Antonio Tony Marino Mayor Lynn MA Political PROMO 5″ Hair Comb. It’s a rather neat piece, let’s get started:

Local Historic GOLD

What’s fun about these type of items is the history that unfolds when you do your research with what’s presented. As in the case with this simple promotional comb. It’s just a plastic comb, but what makes it special is the branding. It is the identifier that attaches this simple piece to a historical moment for someone. You ALWAYS have to think that way as a picker. It’s what you love about your job: Reconnecting people to their history. Finding items like this is what makes picking a treasure hunt. Sure the money comes and gets spent, but the REAL treasure is the story you uncover and the journey you had with the item. THAT stays with you forever.

So Tell Me About This Comb Todd….

Well, I actually found this comb in a ‘Grab Box’ buy. Someone had a bunch of stuff in a box, wrapped in fancy paper, at a consignment shop, and had it for sale for $2. How could you go wrong for $2? Sure there were some ‘filler’ items, but there were some gems too, including this comb. So off to wikipedia I went to research Antonio ‘Tony’ Marino. Not too much there, but the first thing I picked up was where he was from: Lynn, Massachusetts. I also found that he served as (what looks to be) interim mayor of Lynn from 1972 to 1973. Not sure what happened, but there was a gap until 1976 where he then served from 1976 to 1985. I guess this comb did the trick as 9 years in office ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at.

Antonio J. Marino
Antonio J. Marino, Longest serving mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts

Anything else?

Well, as the caption above reads, ‘Tony’ was the longest serving mayor for the city of Lynn. He led the city through a blizzard and a downtown fire, only to be accused of some financial misdealings that led to his defeat in the election of 1985. The Boston Globe has a short article on him (Click Me).

So what’s so cool about ‘Regionals’?

Regionals give you insight into life in other places that you most likely would have never visited. If you’re a picker like me, you love to learn about things and people. You can never get enough knowledge and experience. ‘Regionals’ are most often the most fun pieces I work with. The best is when it gets reconnected with family or friends who have either been searching for that item forever or it triggers a great memory from their life that cheers them up, every time they look at it. I love when my customers tell me their stories about why they bought a regional piece I was selling. They’re special moments and I enjoy being a part of them.

As of the writing of this piece, this item IS for sale in my Ebay store! (CLICK THE LINK BELOW) If you know someone who would like this item, SHARE THIS with them! 😀

RARE 1976 Elect Antonio Tony Marino Mayor Lynn MA Political PROMO 5″ Hair Comb

RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub

RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub
RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub

RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub

Here is one of those items that as a fan of collectibles, is pretty awesome and at the same time, frustrating. The ticket itself is pretty rare and is beautifully mounted for display with a photo of the fighters. The problem is that it is so well displayed, did the framer do damage to the ticket in the process? Condition is EVERYTHING is this business and sometimes you just have to do the best you can with your expertise and leave the rest up to someone who may be more qualified than you to work with a piece. Otherwise, you could end up hurting it’s value. KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub Close Up
RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub Close Up

Background Story:

Regarding the ticket, I personally disassembled the item and took 2 photos of the back of the ticket itself to verify that it could be authentic and not a replica. I am not an expert on boxing tickets, but I try to be diligent in my research. I am 98% sure it is an authentic ticket, but I cannot guarantee that. I am selling the item for its potential and aesthetic value rather than the actual value of this ticket because I am not 100% sure. I took 2 pictures of the backside of this ticket BUT UNFORTUNATELY, the gentleman who mounted this item used tape to cover the back and then dry adhesive to stick it to the matting. At least the dry adhesive never touches the ticket. Someone who is a professional with these items might know how to steam the tape off the back of the ticket and preserve the printing if they wanted to.

RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub Back Side
RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub Back Side

Potential Value:

A ticket STUB from this same fight for the outer circle section (Nose bleeds) recently sold on Ebay for $75.00. This is a COMPLETE ticket for the RINGSIDE area and I believe IN MY ESTIMATION to be worth between $400-$650 at auction IF it proves to be authentic. Knowing my limits, I am not an expert on boxing tickets, although everything I’ve read on them, coupled with my expertise in paper/ephemera, tells me that it seems to be. 

Just to make it clear

I AM NOT CLAIMING THIS TICKET TO BE AUTHENTIC! I am 98% sure it is, but only a certified expert could verify it. The story seems to back it up, inspection seems to back it up, comparison to the ticket stub photos from the one on ebay seem to back it up. If you would like to see it, it is for sale HERE: RARE 1922 Leonard vs Tendler Ringside Ticket Stub


RARE Hollywood Revue 1929 Graumans Chinese Theater Program

Hollywood Revue 1929 Graumans Chinese Theater Program
RARE Opening Night Hollywood Revue of 1929 Program

A RARE Grauman’s Chinese Theater Program

Hollywood Revue 1929 Graumans Chinese Theater Program

This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY, VINTAGE June 20th, 1929 WORLD PREMIER Edition of the Movie Program for MGM’s “The Hollywood Revue of 1929” at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood California. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PIECE (Not a reprint or copy). Item is in VERY GOOD Condition for it’s age with some cover wear, cover is still attached but it should be reinforced. Nice color on the front & back covers and inside pages graphics are still very sharp. 28 pages. You can read about the movie HERE:

Hollywood Revue 1929 Graumans Chinese Theater Program
The Man, Myth, Legend and my dear friend, Mr. Eddie Foy III with said Program

This Hollywood Revue 1929 Graumans Chinese Theater Program WAS OWNED BY BRYAN FOY

Famous director and uncle to Eddie Foy III. This is the OPENING NIGHT edition of the program, only given out on June 20th, 1929. All other early edition programs did not have the gold bar on the left side or say “World Premier” on them based on my research. Here is a link to the a Grauman’s Chinese Theater  website showing the schedule run of this film back in 1929 (Proceed 1/2 way down the page). They don’t even have a copy of this program so they ‘borrowed’ my photo of it from the listing for their website. No credit given, but who really needs credit anyway? 😀 :

Hollywood Revue 1929 Graumans Chinese Theater Program
A look inside this rare program

Eddie Really Wasn’t Sure Of It’s Value

He knew it was valuable but he really wasn’t sure how valuable it was. This happens quite a bit with items that are extrememly scarce and run in very limited quantities. That’s part of the fun of working with items like Eddie’s. Between the item itself, the backstory of the item, and having Eddie give you the history of its journey, it’s a true honor getting to go through the process and rescue these items.


You can see the item on my Ebay site HERE:  I would prefer DIRECT CONTACT if you are interested in purchasing it, which you can do by going to the ‘Hit Me Up’ page and using the contact form or email me at

1891 American Extravaganza Company, Chicago, Illinois Cast of Sinbad

Cast of Sinbad AKA The Maid of Balsora
1891 Cast Photo American Extravaganza Company
Charles K French, Eddie Foy, Fanny Ward, Ida Mulle, Louise Eissing, Harry Norman, Herbert Gresham, Fanny Duball, Arthur Dunn
1891 Sinbad Cast Photo Chart
Charles K French
Back of 1891 Cast Photo


1891 Photo American Extravaganza Company, Eddie Foy, Cast of Sinbad

Some of the most amazing things you find don’t seem so amazing until you spend hours researching them. This Vaudeville 1891 Sinbad photo is a great example of just that. This comes from the Eddie Foy III collection and is a cast photo featuring his Grandfather, Eddie Foy Sr, famous Vaudeville star, in the center. That’s all I knew about it when I first saw it as his grandfather is easily recognizable.

Charles K French, Vaudeville

You could tell this is an original photograph with original frame. The backing was gone but there was still one name readable on it: “Cha. K. French”. As I started digging, I found that Charles K. French was a Vaudeville performer and was most well known for his silent film roles in the 1910s as usually an older gentleman. This photo was much older than that and there wasn’t much info on Mr. French during earlier time periods, so this became a bit baffling. I started researching Mr. Foy’s Vaudeville and Broadway runs found in his biography and through trial and error, came across the production of ‘Sinbad’ in 1891.

Sinbad, Trading Cards, and Chicago

After doing research on this production, I found some old trading cards that had pictures of the characters from that show (Sinbad). Some looked very similar to people in this picture. Thinking there was a connection, I started to research the American Extravaganza Company of Chicago, Illinois which was the group Eddie Foy was signed to at the time. After examining some old playbills of his shows, I noticed that Charles K. French was a stagehand for the production! That was the ‘Connection Point’ that helped tie this picture to its history for me. I started to realize that the picture had some cast members in costume and some in street clothes. It must have been taken during rehearsal or in between performances.

I was able to identify most of the people in the photo and created a chart to show you who’s who. I believe this is the earliest photo of Charles K. French known to exist regarding his professional career, but I’m not certain of that. I do believe very strongly that his photo is a one of a kind with none others existing. It is a very treasured piece in excellent condition for its age.

If anyone can add information to this piece, it would certainly be welcome! I would love to see it go to a museum maybe in Chicago for public viewing. It is available for sale on my Ebay site and you can see it here:  

Welcome! The first journey begins…


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