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Paincorp’s Rare Finds is an Ebay Store, founded in 1999 by Todd Rubenack. It started out as a hobby and after being laid off from a job, Todd decided to try this ‘Hobby’ full-time. He’s still going after all these years, even as a one man show. Moving from that 3rd person speak….I love my job! Finding historical treasures, researching their history, and then putting those pieces in the hands of caring collectors who will cherish and enjoy those pieces for decades to come is very rewarding. I have come across some of the most amazing things and my inventory is constantly changing. I love to share my research with those who will listen as I’ve learned so much from so many. Knowledge and history should be passed down, showcased and shared for all to enjoy! This website is being used to share some of that history of the items I find, some of which can be found for sale in my store. I do diligent research to price my items fairly and accurately. Some items are so unique, their value is almost impossible to determine, but once it is bought, you have established its value, and 99% of the time, it can only go up from there.

Not Just collectibles, liquidations too!

Did I mention that I like a good deal too? That’s where the liquidations part of my store comes in. Not all my items are collectibles. I seem to come across all sorts of quality merchandise that I can get at below wholesale prices, which I pass the savings on to you. I am careful to describe my items accurately when it comes to condition with quality photos so you can shop with confidence! If I can get a deal to make a deal, I’ll do the deal! I’ll do my best to take care of you and your purchases. My Ebay feedback of almost 20 years speaks for itself.

Have something to sell? I can help with a Split Sale!

On top of my store, I also do ’50/50 Split Sales’ for customers who have items they would like to sell, but do not have the time to do the work to sell them. I do everything from picking up the items, cleaning them up, taking pictures, research their history, post ebay listings, ship the items and manage the payouts. Everything from fees to profit is split between us 50/50. You provide the items, I do all the work. Do you have items that you would like appraised? Need to have the history of an item researched? I can do those things too! Feel free to contact me if you think I can help!


Again, Welcome to our website! Check out the Blog, visit my Ebay Store or check out our social media links…….Happy Hunting!


Cheers- Todd (Paincorp)