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Todd Here. Don’t know who I am? Check out the ‘About Us’ section and find out. 😀

Paincorp’s Rare Finds is my Ebay Store. Been around since 1999, started as a hobby and became a business. I love my job but I’ve always wanted to share more about what I do and what I find with as many people as possible. That is where this place comes in. Any time you can share this site or subscribe to my social media pages, click on an ad, you help feed my family. Thank you in advance!

SEO and social media used to scare the hell out of me. It just seems SO daunting and difficult. I have to say that my store hit a point without these things to where it got stagnant and I had to do something to continue my growth or risk losing what I’ve worked so hard for. Inflation/cost of living is always increasing and you need to stay ahead of that, especially as a small business and even MORE especially as a ‘One man show’ like I am. I found some AMAZING sites who made this move pretty easy to understand and guided me through the process. They need to be shared. Visit them if you are in my position. Share them if you know someone who is. I know I appreciate their resources:






By the way, if you want to know what ‘Paincorp’ is, it was the name of a thrash band I sang for in the late ’90s with some guys from bands like: Agent Steel, Engine, Militants, and more. A bad time for metal and we almost ‘Made it’, but I bowed out when I met my wife. Life on the road is tough and for me, I had to make a choice. I still love my Metal, but I love my family more. If you ever want to hear songs from our 2 demos, hit me up. I might just post some of them here as well. I also sang for a band called ‘Beheadead’ and the most famous one I was in was ‘Comatose’. Our ‘Deep Sleep’ EP CD regularly fetches between $650-$750 on the collector’s market as there were only 500 made. That’s a blog story in itself.

I hope you enjoy the items in my blog and that you visit my store on a regular basis! If there is something you are looking for, let me know! I’ll keep a lookout for it. Picking is part of my passion. The other part is connecting those items to people who will cherish and enjoy what I find. Thanks for being here and spending your time with me!

Cheers!  – Todd